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EUROPACK Ltd produces double-face corrugated cardboard with В, С profile of Т-21 — Т-27 model.

Corrugated cardboard is produced in sheets:

Length, mm Width, mm
700 300
3200 2060

Creasing application of a chosen size is available.

Corrugated cardboard is produced from waste materials or cellulosic raw materials with brown, pale or mottled face. Europack Ltd produces corrugated cardboard in accordance with the basic characteristics and requirements to the corrugated cardboard production in Russia, which are specified in GOST 7376-89 «Corrugated cardboard: General technical requirements».

Double-face corrugated cardboard is most commonly used in the packaging production. Corrugated cardboard with В corrugation type is usually used in the construction of packaging boxes that are quite firm, hard and do not require buffing protection. Such products include cans, household chemicals, food and other products in the consumer?s packaging, small household appliances, furniture and many more.

Т corrugated cardboard with C corrugation type is the most common material of construction of boxes for packing of fragile items, soft and hard products, that require surface protection.