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360 boxes per minute or 6 per second — this is the «heartbeat» of a new corrugated packaging plant!

22 February, 2008, a new corrugated cardboard and packaging plant — Europack Ltd was launched in a solemn atmosphere with the Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of the RF in Voronezh. Opening of a new modern high-tech production became a huge event. This is the largest corrugated cardboard and packaging plant in the region. Europack Ltd was built within the framework of implementation of an investment project, which was a part of the Economic and Social Development Program of the Voronezh region for 2007-2011. According to the company, the expected payback period is up to five years.

At the opening ceremony there were officials from the administration of the city and of the Voronezh region, Vladimir Kulakov — Governor of the region, Vladimir Klyuchnikov — Chairman of the region Duma, Sergey Koliuh — Mayor of Voronezh, representatives of the company engaged in supplying, installing and starting up of all equipment — Mikhail Alyabin (Petromash-Service) and Alexander Mangushev (GofroTehnologii). The official part began with a welcome speech of the company's principal shareholder — Igor Mikhailovich Bondar. After that, chief executives delivered a speech infront of the guests. General Director of Europack LLC — Dmitry Vladimirovich Sherstnev — gave a tour of the plant to the group and told in details about equipment and work.

Europack Ltd has been producing corrugated cardboard and packaging since 2004. In 2005 the enterprise's capacity was 20 million square meters per year. After that the company management decided to increase production capacity. Construction of the main production building of the total area of more than 8000 m2 (the total area of the plant is 12 thousand square meters) was completed in the previous year. At the preparatory stage, Europack acquired additional building land plots, laid a railway line directly to the production site, led a high pressure gas pipe and obtained additional energy quota. The project involved construction of a new production building as well as implementation of all utility systems (a boiler-house, ventilation, aspiration, etc).

This is an enterprise of a new level. The main focus was on acquisition of high-technology equipment produced by TCY (Taiwan) in order to create competitive production. A bit more than a year has passed since designing till launching a new factory with a capacity about 100 million square meters per year! In mid-2007 there were installed and put into operation:

In December, assembling of a corrugators for production of double-face and double-double face corrugated cardboard, model: 2200/200-II (TCY, Taiwan), operation speed of 250 m/min, was completed.

Development and designing of transportation systems as well as supply of associated equipment were carried out by Emmepi (Italy).

Because of the new production, 72 new work places were created. During the plant's construction and its equipping, investments were about $23 million where 200 million rubles were borrowed long-term credit resources.

This new enterprise, which is equipped with modern equipment, can provide regional markets of the Russian Federation with high quality and environmentally friendly packaging. The region is one of the most prospective for its location. Europack management intends not only to strengthen the company's position in the region but also to start supplying corrugated products to other regions of the country.

Among the guests there was also a representative of Italian company Fosber — Gunnar Pruker. Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony he noted that the high quality production of the plant of the plant to the modern European standard. The name of the new plant not nominally is «Europack» — it is a European packaging.

Europack Ltd is a complex approach to the organization of production. Its modern equipment and automated production process allow producing a competitive packaging. Europack Ltd produces brown and pale double face corrugated cardboard of Т22-Т25 mark, corrugated boxes of simple and complex cutting with overprinting of up to three colors. The new plant is speed, accuracy and quality. Tomorrow is with such enterprises.

The package at the European level is now produced in Voronezh!